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The Janské Lázně Spa, located in the town of the same name, has a long-standing reputation as one of the best spa facilities in the Czech Republic. It is also an ideal starting point for sports and recreational activities in the Krkonoše Mountains.

The unique combination of a world-famous spa and a top sports centre in the Czech Republic creates a wide range of activities for visitors.

The natural healing resources are the thermal mineral water of the hydrocarbonate-calcium-sodium type, which springs up in the spa area as Janův and Černý Spring and supplies all hydrotherapy treatments and swimming pools, and the local foothill climate.

The Spa Town

Janské Lázně successfully treats diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including conditions after injuries and surgeries, nervous and neuromuscular diseases, polio and multiple sclerosis and other diseases.

We also achieve excellent results in the treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma, or conditions after respiratory surgery and cancer diagnoses.

Leisure Time in Janské Lázně

Janské Lázně is one of the most popular ski resorts in Bohemia in winter. The rest of the year it is popular with hikers and cyclists as a perfect starting point for trips to the Krkonoše National Park.
You can reach the very tops of the mountains thanks to the cable car to Černá hora.

Please find more tips for your leisure time activities in Janské Lázně in the link below.

Interesting Hiking Routes in the Summer Season

Length: approx. 5.5 km

The starting point is on the square with the Art Nouveau Kolonáda (Colonnade). You will then take the direction to the Vesna Children's Sanatorium, from where you will climb up the ridge directly or take a gently ascending path through Rudolfovo údolí (the Rudolf’s Valley). You will return to the centre of Janské Lázně by going past the lower station of the Černohorský Express cable car.

Rudolfovo údolí is named after Crown Prince Rudolf of Habsburg, who visited Janské Lázně in July 1876 on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Battle of Trutnov. The reward for climbing Střední hřeben is a place with a beautiful view of the spa town and Černá hora. Along Střední hřeben, you can comfortably reach a well-known touristy spot, Hoffmanovy boudy (Hoffman's Huts) with its original inn. It has been welcoming visitors since 1889.

Length: approx. 5 km

Starting point is on the square with the Art Nouveau Kolonáda (Colonnade), then you go past the Janský Dvůr spa house up to the Lesní dům hotel. From there you walk along the promenade (an asphalt road) to the bridge over the Černohorský potok (Černá hora Brook). Luisa's path takes you to the left after the bridge and to the gazebo.

Luisa's path is named after Countess Aloysia Czernin-Morzin, who made the Vrchlabí and Maršov Estates flourish in the second half of the 19th century. It took 5 years to build a 2-metre-wide walkway to the foot of Pardubické boudy (Pardubice Chalets), then Kuhnelovy boudy (Kühnel’s Chalets). In 2003, the KRNAP Authority carried out a demanding reconstruction of the first bridge and the lower part of the walkway in the most interesting parts of Těsný důl, 600 m in length. You can see the small cascades of the Černohorský potok along the way. The largest waterfall, up to 4 metres high, can be found at the end of the route, which is about 1.5 km long. The path over the other bridge is for more experienced hikers. Sturdy shoes and sports clothing are required.

In Janské Lázně, visit the unique Treetop Trail, opened in 2017, which is one of the longest in Europe and also brings you underground to an educative centre with a tree root system. The trail is more than 1,500 m long and will take you through a species-diverse forest, with numerous surprises and lessons awaiting you. You will be amazed by the view from the 45-metre high tower, which will let you have forest giants, some of which are over 150 years old, at your fingertips.

Winter Sports

Enjoy the Krkonoše winter countryside, you have 90 kilometres of well maintained cross-country tracks for your trips or sports training.

Running track Track length
21At Muchomůrka circuit2 km
3Černá hora short circuit4 km
5Janské Lázně – Horní Maršov6 km
6Černá hora road6 km
1Krkonoše road12 km
2Černá hora long circuit12 km
4Světlá hora circuit15 km

The second largest area of the Černá hora – Pec SkiResort, Pec pod Sněžkou, is also connected to the Černá hora area (Janské Lázně) by SkiTour. In the Pec ski resort you can find a modern detachable four-seater chairlift ZAHRÁDKY EXPRESS, which replaced the anchor lift at the Zahrádky ski slope. The resort is suitable for sports and recreational skiing and snowboarding. It offers 12.5 km of slopes and ski attractions such as the Funline with banked turns and an 8-metre-long tunnel, or tracks with a timer for downhill and giant slalom (TS1, MS1). There is also a Funpark and a Snowpark with obstacles and jumps. The widest slopes with artificial lighting in the Czech Republic - Javor 1 and 2 offer the possibility of night skiing. Under artificial lighting you can also ski on the U lesa ski slope.
The smallest of the five connected ski resorts of ČERNÁ HORA - PEC SkiResort is in Svoboda nad Úpou and is ideal for families with little children and for beginners thanks to its easy slopes. The terrace of the FordBar in the lower part of the resort will be especially appreciated by a non-skiing family member. Here you can also test your speed and skiing skills on the giant slalom course with a timer (MS3). In the evening, it is possible to ski on the Duncan 1 and Duncan 2 slopes under artificial lighting.

SkiResort Ski Pass
A single ski pass for the entire ČERNÁ HORA - PEC SkiResort is valid in all five ski areas. There is a special tariff for night skiing.

Vesna Children’s Sanatorium

Our renowned Vesna Children’s Sanatorium is located in a beautiful, peaceful natural environment, which gives the spa a distinctly mountain character. Here we treat children with cerebral palsy and various movement disorders or respiratory problems.

Modern device rehabilitation

As part of the treatment, we use the most modern rehabilitation equipment from the field of robotics. As one of the few in the Czech Republic, we offer training on, for example, the anti-gravity trainer ALTER G, which was developed by NASA.

Do you want to gain new energy?

Thermal mineral water, local foothill climate, state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment and especially our excellent physiotherapists, masseurs, physians and other medical and nursing staff make Janské Lázně a truly ideal place for treatment, rehabilitation and relaxation.



Would you like to stay with us? We offer accommodation in the luxury Terra*** Superior Spa Hotel or in other spa facilities.

Your insurance company does not reimburse for your stay?

We can also offer a wide range of wellness stays. You can choose from the link below.


Other Services for Visitors and Spa Guests

You can visit many restaurants and cafés in the city. The Benátská hala Bistro in Lázeňský Dům is open for the spa guests from the early morning hours. Spa guests are welcomed to the AquaCentre's AquaBar or its outdoor terrace, which is open from 17.30. In the town there is a cinema, post office, pharmacy, mini golf and, of course, an ATM (ČSOB), which can be found in Lázeňský Dům.

Every Wednesday evening, live music (rock, pop, folk) is played in the Relax Bar at Kolonáda for listening and dancing. The Black Hill Music Bar organizes disco with DJ regularly several times a week.

An interesting experience is a visit to the sales gallery in the stylish Magma house behind the evangelical church, where small utilitarian objects, home accessories and souvenirs made of cut stones elevate the natural material by precise processing into magnificent artefacts. In the Bosorka Art Workshop you will have the opportunity to make your own souvenir for yourself and your loved ones. In the Island of Good Mood shop you can buy objects of contemporary Czech design from original artists and craftsmen.

In summer and winter season you can go up to Černá hora by the modern cable car Černohorský Express, at the upper and lower stations of which you can rent scooters and go down Černá hora in an unconventional way.
There is also a bicycle and ski rental shop in town. Near the lower station you will find a rope park with a baby park for children. Your children and grandchildren will appreciate a visit to the Muchomůrka Farm Park with its natural play elements and, above all, domestic animals.

The Krkonoše Treetop Trail, which is within walking distance of 2 kilometres from the town centre, offers unique bird's eye views and also leads underground to the root system of the trees.

Spiritual Services

The State Medical Spa Janské Lázně respects the spiritual and religious values of patients when providing health care.
Spiritual care is offered to every patient in the treatment room, medical staff, attendants and visiting patients. It provides spiritual accompaniment (conversation and silence, reading the Bible and other literature, prayer, meditation, etc.) to all those in need, regardless of their religion or worldview.

A meditation room is set up for spiritual services, located in the main hallway (ground floor) that connects Lázeňský Dům and Terra/New Pool buildings. This room is used to provide spiritual services by your individual arrangement. Please inform the Janský Dvůr reception about the use of the room.

Contact the spiritual leaders near Janské Lázně:

Roman Catholic Church

Spiritual Administration - P. ThMgr. Mgr. Theodor Mateusz Pająk, MSF,
Phone: +420 491 612 124
E-mail: vaclav.trutnov@seznam.cz

Services in Janské Lázně:
Church of St. John the Baptist - parish church
Sunday 9:30, Thursday 16:00

Czech Brethren Evangelical Church
Pastor Mgr. Mgr. Tomáš Molnár
Phone: +420 603 966 067
E-mail: tomas.molnar@evangnet.cz

Services in Janské Lázně:
in the summer in the Evangelical Church, in the winter in the prayer room in Sola Fide
Sunday 8:30

Zveme Vás na zahájení lázeňské sezóny, které se koná v sobotu 1. 6. 2024.

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