Selection of Treatments

Selection of special treatments in the Janské Lázně spa

Aqua aerobic

Aqua aerobics is a rhythmic exercise in water. Similar to classical aerobics, aqua aerobics is performed with rhythmic music.

Unlike the land-based aerobics, the water helps float the body weight and the intense training does not put a lot of strain on the joints and spine.

Alter G Anti-Gravity Trainer

A gait training device with a programmable body weight reduction consisting of an anti-gravity effect, whereby the client's body weight can be reduced to 20% of their weight, so that they are elevated as if walking on the moon.

The device works on the principle of air pressure differences using a method developed by NASA. It is designed to rehabilitate people after injuries, orthopaedic surgeries and neurological patients.

UGUL Suspension Exercising

This device allows therapists to use a system of ropes and straps to exercise with the client in a lightweight position.

The body as a whole or just a specific part of it can be exercised. Through this system it is achieved to perform exercise in the maximum range even without full load, which also reduces pain.


Electrotherapy is a physical therapy that uses the therapeutic effect of various forms of electricity.

Electrotherapy predominantly uses its analgesic effects, often improving blood circulation and tissue nutrition, dampening inflammatory activity and thus facilitating motor functions.

Electrotherapy - Extremiter

Extremiter is a device for vacuum-compression therapy of the upper or lower limbs.

By alternating vacuum and overpressure, blood circulation is improved, tissue nutrition is improved, reopening of vascular connections is promoted and swelling is reduced.


This therapy combines physical and mental training, helps increase muscle strength, improves coordination and develops cognitive function.

It is performed using exercise or interactive biofeedback rehabilitation equipment for physiotherapy, occupational therapy and specialized neurorehabilitation.

Functional Electrostimulation

A device for rehabilitation of people with reduced function in the lower limbs.

It helps to improve the stepping cycle by stimulating the muscles allowing dorsiflexion, stabilizing the knee and/or stimulating the hamstrings with the quadriceps depending on the deficiency of the lower limb. The system thus helps to improve gait. The system supports the principle of neuroplasticity based on afferent CNS stimulation, re-educates correct muscle engagement, maintains or improves range of motion, improves muscle tone and improves local blood flow.


It deals with an interactive system for the treatment of balance and movement coordination disorders that uses biofeedback.


Inhalation of water vapor from mineral water or salt solutions.

The heat circulates the mucous membranes and the active ingredients enter the body much better and help fight the disease. The effect is not only local, thanks to the blood circulation the active substances or medicine reaches the whole organism, so inhalation helps not only for coughs or colds, but also contributes to improving your immunity. If you keep our respiratory tract moist and in good condition, it is better able to resist attacks from viruses and bacteria.


This therapy uses flexible self-adhesive strips applied to the skin that can protect you from sports injuries or, if they have already occurred, promote the healing process.

Laser Therapy

This therapy takes advantage of the characteristic properties of the laser beam.

Depending on the parameters of the applied laser, the irradiated tissue undergoes a local temperature increase, biochemical reactions at the macromolecular level or acceleration of repair mechanisms. It is also necessary to mention its significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.


LiteGait is designed for patients with the need for body weight relief, balance and stability support to practise walking with the help of a moving belt or on the ground.


The therapy has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, improves blood circulation to the treated area and reduces muscle tension.

The magnetotherapy indications are musculoskeletal diseases, especially degenerative and inflammatory diseases.


The movement therapy using motomed allows passive movements with motor support and active cyclic movements, similar to cycling.

Even with minimal residual strength, users can effectively participate in active training by alternating active and passive training.


It deals with a therapeutic rehabilitation using motorised splints (shoulder and knee splints).

It is mainly used to prevent damage due to immobilisation, to restore painless joint movement and to speed up the course of therapy with good functional outcome.

Gait Training

The individual or group gait training, aimed at learning to use compensatory aids or restoring mobility.

Oxygen Therapy

The oxygen therapy is a treatment using inhaled oxygen, which is considered to be a remedy. This therapy helps patients with pulmonary and extra-pulmonary diseases.

Paraffin Bath

The paraffin bath is suitable for joint problems or rheumatism. In addition, it leaves the skin incredibly soft.

Bubble Bath

It is a bath in which beads of air are formed in the bath water, which have a massaging effect.

Peat Wrap

The wrap is a popular and proven treatment with natural peat that brings relief from chronic joint and spinal pain.

Group Exercise SM-system of MUDr. Smisek

The "Stabilization and Mobilization System" (SM-System) is based on 34 years of clinical experience with this exercise method for clients with spinal pain in the lumbar, thoracic and cervical regions and for patients with acute disc prolapse and scoliosis.

The exercise is also of great importance in the prevention and treatment of large joint and foot arch disorders. This method is also used by elite athletes as conditioning training to improve sports performance and prevent degeneration of the spine and joints.

Group Occupational Therapy

The therapy serves patients to improve fine motor skills and activities of every day or to improve cognitive function.

Subaquatic Massage

The subaquatic massage is one of the hydrotherapy treatments.

It uses the relaxing effect of water and the action of a pressurized stream of water applied to the body from a massage nozzle. During this massage, the person is immersed in a special tub of pleasantly warm water, which has a relaxing effect on the muscles and joints.

Dry Carbonic Bath

The essence of the dry carbon dioxide bath is to enclose the body (except the head and shoulder girdle) in a special plastic bag filled with pure carbon dioxide, in which the person rests.

The physiological reaction is to dilate all the blood vessels up to the capillaries with a simultaneous increase in the oxygen content of the blood. This results in perfect blood supply to the skin, muscles, all organs and the brain with well-oxygenated blood

Carbonic Bath

This hydrotherapeutic therapy is carried out in a special bath. It is filled with mineral water with a high concentration of carbon dioxide.

The absorption of carbon dioxide results in the dilation of blood vessels and therefore increased blood supply to the tissues. This causes an increase in the amount of oxygen in the blood and the blood supply to the skin and muscles and to all organs including the brain with well-oxygenated blood.

Whirlpool Bath

The mechanical swirling of warm water massages the parts of the body immersed in the bath.

The whirlpool bath is suitable for the treatment of post-traumatic and post-surgical conditions, painful affections of the musculoskeletal system. An intensive massage in a pleasantly warm water environment will relieve strained muscles and joints and bring the feeling of relaxation.

Vojta’s Method

The aim of this rehabilitation method is to induce or restore the innate muscle patterns that enable quality standing and walking in clients with cerebral palsy, after stroke and other neurological diseases.

By applying pressure to specific points on the body, the body is stimulated to perform certain innate movements. In addition to spontaneous movement activity, there is a simultaneous physiological activation of the diaphragm and abdominal wall muscles, regular deep breathing, heart rate adjustment, positive stimulation of the nerve centres and an overall improvement in mental activity.

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