From History up to the Present

History of Janské Lázně

Janské Lázně got its name thanks to a healing thermal spring, discovered, according to the chronicle, by the armiger Jan of Chockov as early as 1006.

The first records of the use of thermal water for bathing date back to the 14th century, when the owner of the Silberstein family estate had a primitive spa set up here for the needs of his family. The founder of the spa, which is one of the oldest in Bohemia, was then Jan Adolf Schwarzenberg in the 17th century. The oldest preserved medical report on Janské Lázně dates from that time (J. Hettmayer 1676), written by the country physicist of Margrave of Moravia.

In 1675, the construction of the first spa buildings began, which also gave birth to their Czech name - Svatojánské Teplice. In 1920, a joint-stock company took over the spa with all its facilities, land and springs and the period of the greatest development of Janské Lázně began.

The spa gained world fame in the first half of the 20th century, when successful treatment of the consequences of polio began here. Janské Lázně became the first poliomyelitis treatment centre in Europe. This tradition, quality and experience is very well followed by our spa even today.

The Present of Janské Lázně

Janské Lázně Medical Spa Resort is located in the picturesque town of the same name and has a long-standing reputation as one of the best spa facilities in the Czech Republic. It is also the starting point for sports and recreational activities in the Krkonoše Mountains. The natural healing resources of Janské Lázně are the thermal mineral water and the local climate. The local climate is a supportive healing element of climate therapy, suitable for the treatment of chronic diseases, allergies and respiratory diseases including asthma.

Vesna Children's Sanatorium

Vesna Children's Sanatorium focuses on the treatment of children up to the age of 18 and began providing convalescent care in 2013 as part of the Specialist Treatment Institute (OLU).

The advantage for paediatric patients and all those who accompany them is that all treatment and accommodation are located in one building. All outdoor and indoor areas of the premises are wheelchair accessible to ensure maximum comfort for children with physical disabilities.

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