Wellness Spa stays

Molecular Hydrogen Therapy Program

Wellness stay with therapeutic and relaxation treatments

Try the effects of molecular hydrogen in a unique wellness package aimed at extensive body regeneration.

You will spend 7 days in the pure mountain environment with spa treatments such as a Lomi Lomi massage or a bubble bath, complemented by the application of molecular hydrogen.

7 days / 6 nights  (Sunday-Saturday) from 10,350 CZK


Easter stay

Wellness stay with relaxation treatment

Enjoy a long weekend full of relaxation and a rich cultural program.

You can look forward to, for example, an aroma massage, a peat wrap, coffee in the spa Colonnade, a market of regional products, creative workshops for children or a pomla dance party with a program.

4 days/3 nights (Friday-Monday) from 5,700 CZK

To the Spa On Trial

Wellness stay with therapeutic and relaxation treatments

Try out our services. Book this spa package before 18/12/2022 and get a discount of 2,000 CZK. The discount of 2,000 CZK can be applied exclusively to this spa package.

In addition to the refreshing mountain atmosphere, massages, thermal baths and wraps, there is a free admission to our Aqua Centre and Fitness Centre just for you.

7 days / 6 nights from 11,550 CZK  9,550 CZK with the voucher!

Regeneration after Covid-19

Therapeutic stay with treatment of Covid-19 aftereffects

Have you suffered from Covid-19 and you are looking for a way to recover physically and mentally in a peaceful spa environment?

This one-week spa program has been designed to help you regain breath and relieve pain.

8 days / 7 nights (Sunday-Sunday) from 12,000 CZK

Spa Comfort

Wellness stay with therapeutic and relaxation treatments

The program is aimed at restoring your energy in a peaceful spa resort.

A week spent in the pure mountain nature of the Krkonoše Mountains National Park filled with selected spa treatments will help to improve your overall fitness.

8 days / 7 nights  (Sunday-Sunday) from 10,200 CZK

Active Relaxation in the Krkonoše Mountains

Wellness stay with therapeutic and relaxation treatments

Experience the feeling of being flooded with a new wave of energy after five days of active relaxation in the pure mountain nature.

The stay includes a ticket to the Treetop Trail, which is one of the largest in Europe, and a cable car ticket to Sněžka.

5 days / 4 nights (Sunday-Thursday) from 6,800 CZK

Weekend Relaxation stay

Wellness stay with therapeutic and relaxation treatments

A program for those who do not have much free time, but are still looking for a way to restore their physical and mental strength in a peaceful spa environment.

You can complement your weekend stay with walks or more challenging hikes in the Krkonoše National Park.

4 days / 3 nights (Thursday-Sunday) from 4,850 CZK

5 Days of Relaxation for Seniors

Wellness stay with therapeutic and relaxation treatments in Janské Lázně

The stay includes mainly lighter therapeutic and relaxation treatments with motoric therapy for active seniors.

Help relieve your tired body and restore your energy along with walks in the Krkonoše Mountains nature.

5 days / 4 nights  (Sunday-Thursday) from 5,800 CZK

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