General terms and conditions for self-payers

These general terms and conditions for self-payers (hereinafter referred to as "T&C") govern the mutual relationship between the company State Medical Spa Janské Lázně, a state enterprise, with its registered office at Náměstí Svobody 272, 542 25 Janské Lázně, ID number: 00024007, registered in the commercial register maintained by the Regional Court in Hradec Králové under registration number AXII 253 (hereinafter referred to as the "spa") and a natural person (hereinafter referred to as the "client") who orders a stay and any other services at the spa.

Ordering a stay, concluding a contract

For self-payers, the spa mainly offers treatment and wellness stays in the form of stay packages, as well as independent accommodation with breakfast, half board or full board, outpatient self-pay treatment programs and additional services, especially medical procedures, etc. (hereafter referred to as "stay"). The conditions for the provision of medical care covered by the health insurance company are regulated in more detail in the general conditions for the provision of medical rehabilitation care in a specialist treatment center and spa medical rehabilitation care, and these General Terms and Conditions do not apply to the provision of medical care covered by the health insurance company.

The client orders a stay at the spa with a written order sent by the spa post, e-mail, delivered in person or sent via the form on the spa's website. The order must contain at least the following essential elements:

client's name and surname, date of birth, address of permanent residence, contact (phone or e-mail);
name of stay, or scope and type of individual accommodation, catering and additional services, number of persons, date and length of stay, accommodation facility, room type;
if the stay is ordered for a foreign national, it is necessary to state his nationality.

The spa then issues a booking confirmation to the client, which is confirmation of the order, and sends it to the client by mail or e-mail. The reservation confirmation contains the client's first and last name, date of stay, name of the stay and accommodation facility, type of catering, possibly also the number of people and a list of additional services. At the same time, the spa will send the client an advance invoice, which includes, among other things, the price of the stay and any additional services and the required payment date. The client is obliged to check the correctness of the given data and to contact the reservation/reception office of the spa immediately if any discrepancy is detected.

The spa is not obliged to accept the order; the spa is also entitled to unilaterally change or specify the specific conditions stated in the order before its acceptance. The contractual relationship between the client and the spa is established at the moment of confirmation of the order by the spa (hereinafter referred to as the "agreement"). If the spa has modified the specific terms of the order, the contract is only concluded when these modifications are confirmed by the client. Order confirmation, or confirmation of modifications must be made in writing by post, e-mail or in person. The subject of the contract is the spa's obligation to provide the client with a stay of the agreed scope and quality, and the client's obligation to pay the spa the agreed price. These General Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the contract, and by submitting the order, the client confirms that he has read them and agrees with their wording. In the event of a conflict, the provisions contained in the contract shall prevail.

Price of stay and method of payment

The prices of the stays are listed in the Catalog of stays, on the spa's website and in special offer sheets or price lists. In case of different prices in individual publicly available documents, the price of the stay listed on the website of the spa is always valid. The prices of services not listed on the spa's website will be communicated to the client by the reception or the spa's reservation/reception office upon request.

The price of the stay includes the items listed for the specific stay and includes VAT at the legal rate. No insurance is included in the price of the stay. If the stay takes place over two seasons, the price will be determined as follows:

for hotel accommodation and outpatient services, the price is calculated according to individual seasons;
for stay packages, the price of the package is determined according to the price valid on the first day of the stay; for stay packages longer than 1 week, the price of each week of stay is determined by the price valid on the first day of the relevant week of stay.

Prices for accommodation and packages are valid if the room is fully occupied; in the case of a client's request for accommodation in a double room occupied by 1 person, the client is obliged to pay an additional fee for an unoccupied bed in the amount of the accommodation of the second person in the relevant double room according to the currently valid hotel accommodation price list.

The stay must be paid no later than 30 days before boarding, unless otherwise stated in the spa order confirmation. If the stay is ordered within a shorter period, the client will be informed of the date and method of payment by the spa when the order is confirmed. For Christmas and New Year's stays at the Terra*** Superior and Réva+ hotels, the stay must be paid no later than 60 days before arrival, unless otherwise stated in the spa order confirmation.

The client can pay for the stay by bank transfer or cash deposit to the spa account
No. 107-3460830287/0100, kept at KB Trutnov. As a variable symbol, the client must enter the number indicated in the order confirmation. The stay can be fully or partially paid for by the employer, or another organization; in such a case, the client is obliged to state this fact when submitting the order, and the stay is subsequently invoiced to the client in accordance with applicable regulations. The stay must always be paid for before it starts. Payment for the stay is understood as the moment when the relevant price is credited to the spa account. All bank fees are paid by the client.

If the price of the stay is not paid properly and on time, the spa can refuse to provide the stay and withdraw from the contract; This does not affect the spa's right to cancellation fees.

Confirmation of stay and check-in

When starting the stay, the client presents the reservation confirmation at the reception or in the reception office and shows an identity card. After completing these and other necessary formalities, the reception or reception office will accommodate the client and provide him with further information about the stay.

Cancellation terms

The client has the right to cancel the stay at any time, i.e. withdraw from the concluded contract. This withdrawal by the client must be made in writing and verifiably delivered to the spa; e-mail is also sufficient. The spa is entitled to payment of a termination fee (hereinafter referred to as "cancellation fees") depending on the number of days between the day of withdrawal and the first day of stay in the amount according to the following table.

Cancellation fees are charged from the total, i.e. the confirmed price of the stay as follows:

Cancellation of stay completedCancellation fee
31 – 60 days before the first day of stay for Christmas and New Year stays15% of the price of the stay
31 days or more before the first day of stay with the exception of Christmas and New Year stays0 % of the price of the stay
15 – 30 days before the first day of stay20 % of the price of the stay
3 – 14 days before the first day of stay50 % of the price of the stay
0 - 2 days before the first day of stay100 % of the price of the stay

The day of withdrawal (cancellation) is the day of delivery of the written withdrawal by the spa, and this day is included in the number of days decisive for the calculation of cancellation fees. The first day of stay is not included in this number of days. The spa is obliged to invoice and refund the paid price of the stay after deducting the relevant cancellation fees within 14 days from the date of withdrawal from the contract.

Cancellation fees will not be charged if the client is prevented from participating in the stay by a sudden illness or injury that prevents the client from starting the stay on the agreed date, documented by a medical certificate, a natural disaster that makes it impossible to start, death of a close family member (parent, spouse, child, grandparent ), and the client starts the stay at the alternative date agreed with the spa. The condition is that you start your stay on the replacement date no later than 1 year from the canceled date of starting your stay.

Cancellation fees will not be charged if another person sent by the client spends the stay instead of the client.

In case of withdrawal of one person in a double room, the second person is obliged to pay an additional fee for an unoccupied bed in the amount of the accommodation price of the second person in a double room. Depending on the available capacity, the spa can accommodate the client in a single room of a comparable category. In this case, the client only pays an additional fee for accommodation in a single room according to the valid price list of the spa.

If, for any reason, the client does not use any of the agreed services (delayed start, early termination, failure to use certain meals, failure to use a partial service, etc.), he is not entitled to any financial or other compensation, even if the reason for failure to use the service was adverse health condition or other contraindication on the part of the client.

Postponing the date of stay is possible after agreement with the reservation/reception office of the spa. However, if, on the date of the postponement of the stay, the spa has the right to pay a cancellation fee in the event that the client cancels the stay instead of postponing it, this cancellation fee also applies to the possible cancellation of the stay by the client on the postponed date (even if the stay in postponed date canceled by the client more than 30 days in advance). For example, if the client requests to postpone the date of stay 5 days before the first day of the stay and then completely cancels the stay in the postponed date, e.g. 90 days before the date of the postponed stay, the client is obliged to pay the spa a cancellation fee of 50% of the price of the stay (the original stay should have been e.g. from 4/20, the client requests on 4/15 to postpone the stay to 9/20 and 6/22 cancels the stay completely).

The spa is entitled to cancel the client's stay (completely or partially withdraw from the contract) due to technical, operational, epidemiological or other unforeseeable events preventing the client from starting the stay; the client is not entitled to compensation in such a case.

Additional services

Additional services can also be ordered during the stay at the reception or in the reservation/reception office. Additional services can be paid for in cash or by credit card. In the case of the purchase of prepaid services (especially aqua center services), the credit is always valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Other conditions

The services provided by the spa do not include the provision of medical care to the client in connection with his illness or injury, with the exception of the provision of necessary first aid. However, the spa will provide the client with advice or assistance in finding suitable medical treatment.

As part of stays without medical supervision with fixed procedures, it is not possible to change the procedure.

For stays with a medical consultation, it is only possible to exchange a procedure from the package for another procedure for health reasons. The change of the procedure must be prescribed by the spa doctor and the client is not charged for this change.

In case of free capacity, it is possible to change the time of the procedure at the request of the client; for each change in the timing of the procedure, the client pays a fee according to the spa's currently valid price list.

In the event of damage to the room or loss or damage to its equipment by the client, the spa is entitled to demand compensation from the client for the resulting damage. Upon check-in, the client will be issued a key, or smart card to enter the room and smart watch to the aqua center, in the case of parking, the key to the parking gate. If these items are lost, the client is obliged to pay the spa a fee of CZK 150 per item.

The spa reserves the right to close the aqua center for operational reasons. In such a case, clients are not entitled to any compensation from the spa (in particular, they are not entitled to financial or other compensation for the impossibility of using free entry to the pool). Similarly, there is no right to any compensation in the event that it is not possible to provide another of the bonuses offered for operational reasons.

Due to the nature of the spa's operation, dogs and other animals are not allowed in the spa. Smoking is prohibited in all spa facilities. Clients are obliged to observe night silence between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Gift cards

Gift vouchers are issued by the spa based on a written order with the same details as for a stay order. The gift voucher will be issued by the spa at the same time as the invoice. The invoice must be paid before the client starts the stay. The gift voucher is valid for one year from the date of issue. Purchased gift vouchers are non-refundable. Gift vouchers relate to a specific stay or accommodation and must be used in full. In case of non-exhaustion of some sub-services, the spa does not provide any financial or other compensation.


Parking in the municipality of Janské Lázně is possible in paid parking lots not operated by the spa and in spa parking lots for a fee according to the price list. The number of parking spaces at the spa is limited, these spaces cannot be reserved in advance, and the spa cannot guarantee their availability.

Protection of personal data

General privacy information is available on the website and at the spa's booking/admission office.

Rights and obligations of the client

The client has the right to:

be fully informed by the spa about the ordered stay, i.e. its scope, date and price;
for the proper provision of the stay ordered and paid for by him and confirmed by the spa;
cancel the confirmed order at any time before the start of the stay; the spa's right to cancellation fees according to these GTC is not affected by this;
complain about defects in the services provided;
submit a proposal for an out-of-court settlement of the dispute to the designated entity (see Article 11 of the General Terms and Conditions).

The client is obliged to:

completely and correctly state all essential details of the order;
pay the agreed price of the stay to the spa properly and on time;
familiarize yourself with and comply with the internal regulations of the facilities whose services he uses (accommodation regulations, internal regulations of the treatment center, operating regulations of the aqua center, etc.);
act in such a way that there is no damage to the health or property of the spa and other clients;
pay for any damage caused to the spa or other clients.
Information for consumers about out-of-court dispute resolution

The spa hereby informs, in accordance with § 14 of Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on consumer protection, as amended, that the body supervising consumer protection and the subject of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes is the Czech Trade Inspection, with its registered office at Štěpánská 15, 120 00 Prague 2, e-mail:

Final Provisions

These General Terms and Conditions become valid and effective on 1 December 2020 and are binding for clients. The spa has the right to unilaterally change and supplement these conditions, and such changes are effective no earlier than the day the new version of the GTC is published on the spa's website.

Relationships not expressly regulated in these General Terms and Conditions or by individual agreement are governed by valid legal regulations of the Czech Republic and the EU.

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