Our fitness center offers group exercise as a part of the wellness programs (e.g. program for weight loss or the program against back pain). The gym is equipped with stationary bikes, treadmills or rowing machine. You can also use multifunctional weight tower or work out in the cardio zone. In addition to quality exercise equipment and a supportive atmosphere, our spa resort also offers personal trainer that will take great care of you.

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SM-System MUDr. Smíšek is based on 25 years of clinical experience. With this method are treated people with a pain of spine in the lumbar, thoracic and cervical region and in acute prolapsed discs and scoliosis. Exercise according to this method is also of great importance in the prevention and treatment of disorders of large joints – hip, knee, shoulder and foot arch.

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For Nordic walking you’ll need a right pair of Nordic walking poles. In case you cannot use your own ones, they are available to borrow. It is a full-body exercise that’s easy on the joints and suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

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Exercise with motomed improves both muscle condition and blood circulation. It’s similar to riding a bicycle.

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Stationary bike helps you lose or maintain weight, improve circulation, elevate energy levels and reduce risk for several conditions and diseases.

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A stair stepper provides a lower body workout and an aerobic exercise. It is a cardiovascular machine that has two pedals that you place your feet on and stationary handles to hold for balance. You move the pedals up and down in a smooth motion to simulate walking up stairs.

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Obchodní 304
542 25  Janské Lázně
okres Trutnov, Královéhradecký kraj

Tel: +420 499 860 181, +420 499 860 111


Vážení hosté, z technických důvodů bude bazén v pátek dne 23. 9. 2022 uzavřen. Omlouváme se za komplikace.

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