Welcome to Janské Lázně !

The town of Janske Lázně belongs among the most popular ski resorts in the Czech Republic in winter and in summer it is popular with hikers and cyclists as a perfect starting point for trips to the Krkonoše National Park.

Treatment, sport and relaxation

Our spa is the place to go for a peaceful vacation in a beautiful mountain environment where walking in the climate of altitude of 675 m. n. m. benefits body and soul. All generations from children to the elderly are treated here and enjoying relaxation programs. In the State Spa Janske Lázně everyone will find something for themselves. Come and enjoy yourself!

The perfect starting point for trips to the Krkonoše Mountains

The spa town is located at the foot of the mountain Černá hora (1299 meters). From the town directly leads a cable car to the top of the Černá hora mountain. Thanks to newly built cable cars, ski-lifts and cross-country skiing tracks, the town has become a top-level sports and recreation center and an ideal starting point for trips to the Krkonoše National Park for skiers in winter and in summer for cyclists and hikers. We are also only spa resort on the Czech side of the Krkonoše Mountains.

Culture and social life

The cultural center is a superb, purely Art Nouveau building Colonnade. It was designed by the Viennese architect Peter Paul Branga. In 1904 built by builder Jan Blažek (Johann Blaschek). Dance evenings and musical performances of various genres are regularly organized here, and during the day Colonnade serves guests as a café.

The society hall of Janský Dvůr is the primary venue for classical music concerts and lectures on traveling. Weekends during spa season are enlivened with promenade concerts directly on the main colonnade.

We regularly organize excursions and other cultural events for our clients. In addition to films screenings, the town cinema is used for theater performances and small variety shows. All facilities are barrier free and easily accessible for clients with mobility problems.

Relaxing walks

The Austrian Crown Prince Rudolph route runs from the Colonnade around a catholic church to the child hospital Vesna to the Mayor spring and it ends at Gold prospect which is considered to have one of the top scenic views. If you go around the catholic church of St John the Baptist in time of worships, do not miss the spectacle of the temple leaded lights and windows with the characters of Saints. The church also offers accessibility for disabled people.

The place for a cushy stay

In the town of Janske Lázně you can visit many restaurants, whether for spending a pleasant evening over a glass of wine or a nice dinner or just sitting in cafés in the city center through day. For our clients the bistro Benátská hala in Lázeňský Dům is opened during the day where drinks, sandwiches and desserts are offered. In the Aqua center visitors can sit in the Aqua bar or on its terrace. A post office, pharmacy, public cinema, mini golf and of course a continuously operating ATM can also be found in the town.

Patients are treating their health problems in the spa resort, holidaymakers are enjoying the relaxing stay and athletes are looking for the excitement and adrenalin in our town.

Everyone can find here something for themselves at any time of year.


Vážení hosté, z technických důvodů je parní sauna mimo provoz.

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